I am writing this post to announce that TapOrange is, once again, beginning to book shows in the Pittsburgh area. The group is also planning to continue work on a studio album that was paused shortly after it began in May 2016.

Below are a few tracks from the original TapOrange EP.


If you would like to book TapOrange, email Taporangepgh@gmail.com or leave a comment below:

Below is a short history of my association with the band.


About a year and a half ago I met a group of musicians from the Homestead/Pittsburgh area who went by the name TapOrange. The group consisted of drummer Josh Weathers, bassist Jacob Proto, guitarist Timmy Carr, and vocalist Israel “Chico” Bonilla-Tucker. Having already released an EP of original songs, the band was looking to expand their sound palette with a keyboard/synth player.

I started jamming with the band shortly after meeting them, and after a few months (around winter of 2015) I was invited to join the group full time. Since then we have played several shows, written lots of new songs, and have begun tracking for a studio album. All was going well for the group until summer of 2016, when scheduling issues caused the group to take a hiatus that lasted longer than expected.

This hiatus is now over! You can stay up to date with TapOrange through my “latest” section, where I’ll be posting upcoming shows, announcements and videos from practice and the studio.


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